Ost. Ending Naruto Shippuden


Original Soundtrak Opening Naruto Shippuden :

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1. Meteor ~Shooting Star~ (流れ星 ~Shooting Star~, Nagareboshi ~Shooting Star~ ) (performed by HOME MADE 家族 ("Home Made Kazoku") From episodes 1 to 18

2. Path ~to you all (道 ~to you all, Michi ~to you all) (performed by "Alüto") From episodes 19 to 30

3. The Story About You (キミモノガタ リ, Kimi Monogatari) (performed by "little by little") From episodes 31 to 41

4. Awaken! Wild (目覚めろ!野性, Mezamero! Yasei ) (performed by "Masahiko Kondo (MATCHY) with QUESTION?") From episodes 42 to 53

5. Gentle Rainbow (素直な虹, Sunao na Niji ) (performed by "SURFACE") From episode 54 to 63

Broken Youth (performed by NICO Touches the Walls ) From episode 64 to 77

7. Long Kiss Goodbye (performed by Halcali ) From episode 78 to 90

8. BRING IT ON!!! (バッチコイ!!!, Bacchikoi!!! ) (performed by DEV PARADE ) From episode 91 to 102

9. Deep Breathing (深呼吸, Shinkokyū) (performed by SUPER BEAVER) From episodes 103 to 115

10. My ANSWER (performed by SEAMO) From episodes 116 to 128

11. It Was You (おまえだったんだ, Omae Dattanda ) (performed by The Knights (氣志團, Kishidan)) From episode 129 to 141

12. For You (performed by AZU ) From episode 142 to 153

13. Bicycle (自転車, Jitensha) (performed by: オレスカバンド (Ore Suka Bando, "Ore Ska Band" ) ) From episode 154 to 166

14. Transient Fireworks (うたかた花 火, Utakata Hanabi ) (performed by Supercell) From episode 167 to 179

15. U Can Do It! (performed by DOMINO) From episode 180 to 192

16. Midnight Orchestra (真夜中のオー ケストラ, Mayonaka no Orchestra) (performed by Aqua Timez ) From episode 193 to 205

17. Freedom (performed by HOME MADE 家族 ("Home Made Kazoku") From episode 206 to 218

18. Shout Out Your Desires!!! (欲望を 叫べ!!!, Yokubō o Sakebe!!! ) (performed by OKAMOTO'S ) From episode 219 to 230

19. Place to Try (performed by TOTALFAT) from episode 231 to 242

20. By My Side (バイマイサイド, Bai Mai Saido ) (performed by Hemenway) from episode 243 to 256

21. Cascade (カスケード, Kasukēdo) (performed by UNLIMITS) from episode 257 to 268

22. Shout This Voice Dry (この声枯ら して, Kono Koe Karashite ) (performed by AISHA Featuring CHENON ) From episode 269 to 281

23. MOTHER (マザー, Mazā) (performed by MUCC ) From episodes 282 onwards

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6 responses to "Ost. Ending Naruto Shippuden"

Ryuuzaki on 01:16 PM, 04-Oct-12

Selamat siang sob smile
kunjungan siang nih biggrin
nyimak aja sob,udah punya biggrin
right-arrow http://excalibur.mwb.im

dewa surya on 05:47 AM, 05-Oct-12

nyedot ah..
jasa kuras skrg naik lo.
("‾З‾) ••

Alif on 08:16 PM, 23-Dec-13

gan .. naruto ending black night town kok ngk ada ??

sikadep on 12:58 PM, 25-Jun-14

gan link nya pada mati reopload donk , klo bsa via rockdizfile / uppit ..

rizky fauzy on 11:04 AM, 07-Aug-14

Min tolong di reuoload dong? Linknya pada mati, sm di ost opening juga ya.. arigato~

Drayz on 05:47 AM, 14-Jan-15

Sob tolong dong reupload semua ost opening & endingnya.

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